Generalized Reciprocity
Jul 24th, 2010 by JuannyCinco

So let me share with you one of the more interesting Tweets that hit the “Twitterverse” recently:

Bored with socmedia. Didn’t get it. Thought I did. Nope. I didn’t. #mefail and just for the hell of it, #attfail too

Undergoing a socmedia REBOOT. My time is only FREE if its supporting MY ideas in MY format in MY manner. Of course #shared and #free to you.

So what does they mean?  Luckily they came from me so I can expand and explain fully the basis for the statements where the 140 character limitation hinders the communication process.  Basically I had a moment where I realized that I have neglected this blog and some other personal items.  It’s that simple. [Interestingly that summation was less than 140 characters and could have been the tweet… and made more sense.]

The whole story is that I’ve been actively posting in other forums sharing ideas, opinions, and thoughts but the time spent there is time NOT spent here.   While I have received some positive feedback from some (in particular a rather touching private message from one of the forum admins) I realized that I’m not getting out of it what I originally needed to get out of it.  At first I was learning more than I could contribute but as time goes on I’ve spent more time posting in a forum that I don’t own, don’t have control over.

I decided this TODAY.

Now coincident to this decision I got a rather funny note from a friend of mine.   She wanted to give me a sunshine award.

A quick search on “the Sunshine Award” didn’t find me the origin of this award but yielded the following:

For “contagious positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging universe.”

I can see why I received this award.  Spreading positivity is what I do – I would go as far as saying that spreading positivity is my raison dêtre.    The healthgreenandfrugal lead in focused on how I would react to the award so here we go…….

Plus, I think it would be oh-so-fun to see this girly, bloggy button on his modern-masculine page. Hmm – will he do it?  Will he pass the award on to others? I guess we’ll soon find out!

Well, I guess you already found out:  yes, I have put this girly, bloggy image on my page.

As silly as it is to receive an award that has no real basis, it is nice to know that someone appreciates me taking time out of my life to try and impart some information, some humour, or just some correct English spelling.   I think what I’ve established since I made those Tweets is that the life blood of social media – of which blogs forms a small part – is not the creator, is not the originator of content, but is, in fact, the consumers.   More importantly it is the consumer who comments, it is the consumer who contributes back, the consumer who gives the original content a purpose. In a sense, the ‘award’ served as one giant comment and it has served its purpose and emotionally blackmailed me into making a new post.  After all.  Now I have people coming from a blog that actually has readers to see what and who I am!

It was a coincidence that the “Award” arrived on the day that I was evaluating the use of my time in sharing ideas and noticed the neglect of this blog.  Hopefully I will spend more time here saying what I want to say to who I want to say it to in a format that I want to say it.

But there’s still the unanswered question of whether I would pass on the award to others.

The simple answer is NO.

You will not see me pass this on award, pay it forward or participate in this generalized reciprocity, this NONSENSE.    And why not? Because I’m me and I promised to be me when I blog.  That’s why.   I have to be rebellious, I have to be cynical, I have to go one better so I will.  I have INTEGRITY!

I am not going to simply pass on an award for which I can’t find the creation and which don’t apply to the blogs I do read… so I’m going to, in the Spirit of OneUpManShip (may he RIP) I’m going to nominate 3 blogs for their own brand new award!

The “Don’t Blame Me if it Rains” Award

I’m going to give this award to “negativity that inspires others in the blogging universe to rethink their happiness”

This goes to T D Jensen’s Blog which you can find under “Sarcaustic Suicide” in my blog roll.  This was my title for his Bemused Embrace of Nihilism – I didn’t use his name because I was too lazy to look it up at the time and preferred my name anyway.  [Ed: isn’t it arrogant to rename someone else’s blog? Me: Yes. Your point].  Now his blog is properly titled and the category remains.

Anyway – the subjects that he covers are basically the life of a miserable human being who seems to permanently lament the state of his well being while being genuinely surprised that he’s married to someone better than him all while kind of going through mid-life.  Basically.  He makes you feel better about being YOU.  He’s definitely NSFW = but only because you may be influenced by him.

The “Daily Hatred” Award

Megan is a cute personality from Boise.  She writes in an impassioned style with perfect grammar and with a predilection for hating everything.  I think that sums it up.  Recently her “Daily Hatred” has been less than daily and her last post was happy sounding but sooner or later the venom will come spewing.  She’s definitely NSFW.

The “No Compromises” Award

“A feral organism is one that has escaped from domestication and returned, partly or wholly, to its wild state. I’ve gone feral.”  That’s the lead in.  Sounds innocent enough but read a little and what that actually means is that here is a self described “L” talking about subjects as far ranging as poop, martini’s, lactating, Twitter, how to behave (and not behave) and most of all about failing harder.  Wendie is her own animal – she offends those who like to be offended.

Wendie’s blog is quite simple: she has opinions and she throws them out – if you can’t stand the fire she expects you to get outta the kitchen.

Deep down, however, Wendie is a considerate soul, dedicated mother, activist and a positive force to be reckoned with.  Don’t let on that you know that because on the surface she’s bonkers and dresses up in wild cat makeup and that’s what makes her fun.

Why fail harder?  In two words? Don’t compromise.  Read her blog for a full explanation.  She’s definitely NSFW.

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