Eurovision 1981, Vegetables, or Charles Christodoulou
Oct 2nd, 2010 by JuannyCinco

Today’s blog is about Making Your Mind Up.   I had posted on Facebook recently:

I’m going to write a blog post on making your mind up. Not as serious as it sounds. Or maybe I won’t.

Well.  The time arrived and I decided that I would not .  This good feeling did not last, however, because someone commented that they had expected a blog post on this subject !

So now I am forced to write one, or so I have decided.  Or someone else decided.

But can I remember the inspiration for this subject?


Could the inspiration have been the Eurovision contest? We did, after all, recently travel through an historical tour of the contest in my house.  We took note of the many sad entries: Celine Dion, Abba, and then I brought up the great UK Entry from 1981.  Could this be it ?

Well, as much fun as that video is, it’s not the reason for me wondering about what it takes to make you mind up.  I do wonder what “don’t let your inhibitions take you from behind” means, though.

Could it be that I recently ate some confused fruit and veg?  Probably not, but this though does present an opportunity to educate some of you who don’t experiment too much in the green grocery section of the supermarket.



Bill B Brocco

Consider Rapini.  Or is that Rabe? It can’t even decide on its name!  Well because American shoppers love branding and are generally more accepting of cleverly named vegetables, it usually goes by the name broccolini.  When I say “name” I mean it is “called” broccolini: it doesn’t really have a name, unless of course, you give it one (like Bill).

I happen to love Bill for two very simple reasons: firstly it cooks in no time at all, and secondly it tastes like a lot like one of my other favorite vegetables – the mighty spinach but with a floret that soaks up any juice goodness.

Try it out.  Trim the stems and cook it covered semi-submerged in stock with garlic until it goes a little limp.  Simple! Add some Israeli couscous and protein of your choice and you’re quite simple good to go.   It’s a strong, somewhat bitter flavor that sits somewhere between spinach and greens but there is a little sweetness in the stems that goes a long way to offset that flavor.  It is definitely robust in flavor!

Don’t Overcook.  If it is all soft then it is Overcooked. Should have a nice crunch

Fractal Broccoli

Digital Art or Vegetable?

Is it a green cauliflower? Is it romanesco Broccoli?  No! We’re in America, so it’s obviously got that nice brandable name: it’s a broccoflower.  Really this is nothing more than a fractalized cauliflower- if anything it’s slightly milder taste.   Regular cauliflower is good, but broccoflower is simply better because it looks great on a plate when you’re making a post-modern feast.

Cook as regular cauliflower.  You can probably mash it, currify it, cheese it up.  I happen to just like it plain.

Don’t Overcook.  If it is all soft then it is Overcooked.

Nashi Pear

Apple or Pear Shaped

It can’t decide if it’s a apple or a pear.  The marketing department really failed on this one:  apple pear, or, Asian pear.  Despite the branding let down, it’s a wonderful fruit with the flavor of an apple and the color and body of a pear.  Strangely, it is not related to the apple or the pear.   I’d eat them more but at $1.69 a pop they’re not as cheap as apples OR pears but definitely worth trying.

Kentucky’s Finest Fruit

Homer the Hero

This is here to honor the one and only Jeff Carey who was my office mate of times long gone.  He’s out in the country of Kentucky and we’ve often discussed the Simpsons episode where Homer creates the Tomacco – the addictive tomato.  Well, it turns out someone created one.


Mr Charles Christodoulou


… the real source of the inspiration and thought behind the subject of “Making Your Mind Up” was a commercial for Mr Florida, Mr Tanned, Mr Charles Christodoulou.   Is he Greek? Is he American? Is he Gay? Is he Straight? Is he a Democrat? Is he a Republican? No! He’s a political stray.  More importantly, he wants you to think he is whatever you want him to be.

He is an Independent.

In the great state of partisan politics, there is nothing worse than an Independent: they are automatically flip-floppers.

He’s not a Republican and nor is he a Democrat.  He a Democraplican – which is good way of saying that he’s changed his mind on a number of issues to get votes now that he doesn’t have a party’s house to play in.   He’s been anti-gay and pro-gay.  Right now he’s pro-gay rights which is a good enough reason for me to at least consider him a human and not solely a politician.

I’ve made my mind up to end this blog post here.

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