El plan de cinco años
Jan 25th, 2010 by JuannyCinco

I love to receive ideas for subjects on which to blog so that I can write something serious, nonsensical or something in between. Last request garnered this response from my brother:

“How about the five things you are going to do over the next five years?”

So here is my five year plan.

Your only job is to read, perhaps comment, and most importantly….remind me in 2015 that I did this.

  1. I will learn Spanish

    Not just any old Spanish but the original euro-style Spanish…the proper Spanish.  How do I quantify the “learn” in learn Spanish?  I’m obviously not going to be writing novels like Miguel de Cervantes or poetry like Federico Garcia Lorca.  I’m obviously not going to be starring in a movie opposite Javier Bardem or Gael Garcia Bernal (though this would please my wife very much if she could meet them).

    But I will:

    Be able to read a poem by Miguel and Federico and have a basic understanding of what it is about.
    Be able to watch Amores Perros IN Spanish because even subtitled it is one of my top movies.  It deserves a natural viewing.

    And the true test:

    I will be able to arrive at a destination (say Madrid) and be able to navigate from the point of arrival, travel to the hotel, find my way to a preselected restaurant and order a fine meal without resorting to ¿Hablas Inglés

    My Spanish accent will be at least as competent as Sean Connery’s Irish accent in The Untouchables.

  2. I will write a book

    For this I will take 4 years and 51 weeks.  I need to give my wife a week to perform some basic significant editing.  I will do this in multiple stages.

    • I will complete a full outline of the material
    • I will fill in the gaps.
    • I will have it edited in case I speel thinks wrong.
    • I will sell it.

    Due to the success of the book (primarily sold as e-book, obviously)

    I will, as a form of practice, enter a writing competition of up to 5,000 words and dream of winning at least once per 12 months.

  3. I will become more Educated

    I have capacity to learn that is currently highly under utilized.  I will set the target of reading at least one book a month. While for some people reading tens to hundreds of books a year is no big deal, for me this is an accomplishment.  Over the course of a typical month I will start two books and read 60-100 pages before relenting to something less tedious.  Perhaps I just don’t start the right books. I will start with my backlog which contains a startling array of fiction and non-fiction ranging in subjects from political, sporting, comic and some that are a combination thereof.  I will write a small review of each to serve as evidence of completion. I will aspire to finding something I enjoy more than 1984, In Cold Blood or even Fever Pitch.
    One of the books this year will be a “style” book to help me with list item 2, and one will be a “career” subject to help me with list item 4.

  4. I will Work Outside of IT

    I will find a way to work in a career that is not directly related to the IT grunt center of the IT field which I find uninteresting and at the wrong end of a long process.  This may occur as a result of the natural shift of jobs from major technical teams based in the US/Europe to those based in lower paying regions; however, I’m going to try and manage this through more controlled means.  An acceptable alternative would be to start some form of business that I can control and manage.  If I manage things correctly, then options 2 and 3 may be a step down the correct path.  I do have a business idea; however, I’m not sure of its viability due to the licensing costs and recreating the magic of “feel”, “excitement” in an online environment that you find in real life.

    What I would like to do is to re-integrate the real-life experience that is real-life into our real lives.  I want to reintroduce the notion of serendipitous events into what we do.   There’s been a recent push for both virtual landscapes (Second Life and OpenSim) and virtual time-hogs (Farmville) but they lack the connectedness and immersion of a real experience.  More interesting is augmented reality; however, there is a danger that augmentation will actually disassociate reality.  I want to start a company that brings back real connections, real ideas, real enhancements to life.

    A far more detailed plan is needed; however, I’ve got 5 years to come up with it.

    Basically,  I want to reintroduce a product or service that truly embraces the notion of discovery. This could very well be accomplished with item 2.

  5. I will be of a Weight that I find acceptable

    I have in mind a target height/weight ratio that I will reach within 5 years.  This will be accomplished through a combination of eating, exercising and surgery.  Kidding.  Just eating and exercising will do.I will do this by averaging a loss of 10lbs a year. For those of you in Europe this equivalates to1……….

  6. Bonus – Figure out Where I want to Live

    Not sure I need to say more.

Any comments appreciated.

1 My brother’s invented word that I like to use. Like I use conswasm which is a word I invented and am particularly proud of.

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