The Obligatory What do People Search for when they End up Here Post?
Apr 20th, 2011 by JuannyCinco

For whatever reason, bloggers always seem to post the inevitable cliché post.  That is,  the post that lets you know that people found my blog by searching for seemingly random things.  Well, I succumbed to the combination of wanting to let my three readers know I was still alive and not having anything to say…. and being surprised that anyone searched for anything and ended up here!

So these are the random pieces of information people were looking for:

  • sbarro new york cheese pizza
  • bagel
  • fractal broccoli
  • rapini définition
  • juanny
  • greasy pizza
  • new york pizza and bagels
  • sbarro new york style pizza

All in all I discovered that when you update a blog once every three months that not much of anything is ever found on your blog.  But, I thought I would add some comments to these small search number subjects.

I take pride in the fact that you can come to my blog and find posts on GREASY PIZZA and FRACTAL BROCCOLI.  It shows I offer a diverse set of choices to satisfy all number of palates.  I also take pride in the fact that the people that find my site can spell BROCCOLI!

There are searches for Juanny?! Someone famous is called Juanny?! Wait.. maybe it’s me searching for myself.  Not that I’m vain or anything.   Oh never mind.  I’ll pretend that I have groupies.

Perhaps the most interesting statistic is that this site gets hundreds of visitors a month downloading a BAGEL picture and not stopping to say hello!  I don’t know whether to be happy or mad.  I have loads of backlinks making my site look legitimate to Google, so I guess it’s a good thing?  But couldn’t you just stop and say something ?

The search for sbarro I find surprising.  Really? Sbarro? Are they still even around? Maybe they’re not and that’s why people are searching?

So that list, that’s apparently what people want.  I didn’t realize I had a food blog.  I will focus my future posts on this research and provide posts on various foods.  I may rename the blog:  “THE DIAMETRIC FOOD MENU”.  In all seriousness, I will make a couple of foodie posts for your pleasure and amusement before returning to my normal cynicism… or silence, as it would be more accurately described.

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